• Introd Bridges

    Formerly the “grand pont” was made of wood and the inhabitants of Introd had repeatedly to restore or to replace it. In 1824, the City Council decided to rebuild it in masonry, but due to...
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  • La Rampa

    “La Rampa” (so-called by the Vellatsu, Villeneuve’s inhabitants), leads to the fortress of Châtel-Argent; it’s a great staircase dug into the rock overlooking the village...
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  • Ôla

    Some rural outbuildings, named Ôla, were built at the foot of the castle: a large farmstead of 680 km². The southern façade of the main building, belonging to a later phase of const...
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  • Pont d’Aël aqueduct bridge

    Built in 3 A.D. by two Roman colons , Aimo and Avilio, over the gorge of the Grand Eyvia river, the aqueduct bridge made of stone, about 56 m. high and over 50 m. long, is, in Aosta Valley, one of the...
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