Voix Chapel

Voix Chapel

The chapel in the village of Voix was built in 1781, at the will of the inhabitants of the hamlets of Voix and Cachoz.

The land where it was built was donated by Petronilla Vauthier, and the expenses for the construction were funded by proceeds raised on the occasion of the “Traslatino des reliques” of Saint George, when the whole population went to a procession in Voix in honour of the original placing of the church.

It was dedicated to St. Pantaleone, doctor and martyr, and to St. Firmino, the third bishop of Amiens, to avert the danger of avalanches and other natural disasters.

On the façade, there’s a representation of the saints  it is dedicated to, as well as, in the centre, a representation of Saint George defeating the dragon.  The fresco paintings are the work of the artist Grange.

On the inside of the building there is a “cantoria”, made of cherry wood, and an elegant spiral staircase. Every year, on the 27th  of July, there is a Holy Mass in honour of Saint Pantaleone.



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