Park’s Visitors Centre - Valsavarenche

Park’s Visitors Centre - Valsavarenche

Gran Paradiso National Park Visitors Centre of Valsavarenche  presents different topics related to the life, survival, activity and presence of predators which live in the territory.
The visit concentrates particularly on the lynx and examines the rapid extinction of this animal in Europe and its revival thanks to a slow but steady resettlement which started in the 1970s.
How important are a predator’s senses for its daily search for food?  How does the presence of the lynx influence the settlement of the chamoix within the Gran Paradiso National Park? 
These are two of the many questions which the Centre tries to answer, using sounds and images which help the visitor to examine the presence and the life of the predators in the Park.
Finally, the exhibition proposes four realistic settings showing the various habitats of big and small predators and their possible prey.
During its opening hours a professional Guide is available to provide detailed and precise information.

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