Park’s Visitors Centre - Rhêmes-Notre-Dame

Park’s Visitors Centre - Rhêmes-Notre-Dame

Gran Paradiso National Park Visitors Centre of Rhêmes-Notre-Dame tells an enthralling story: the Gypaëtus Barbatus (Bearded vulture), the biggest European prey bird, has returned to the skies of Gran Paradiso National Park.
The visit goes back through the years and explains all the stages of this story: the dramatic extinction, the slow steps building up to its emotive return and finally, the wonderful happy ending: the permanent presence of this characteristic bird in our skies.  The story set out in the course of the exhibition is complemented by numerous texts, images and sounds, as well as some multimedia games. The reconstruction of a real-life nest made by one of these birds on a rock wall is of particular interest.  Moreover, Rhêmes-Notre-Dame Centre allows visitors to examine an an “ossuary”, a detailed flight model and other useful exhibits to find out more about the wild birds present in the Park’s territory.
Besides this permanent exhibition, the Visitors Centre has an information office, a projection room and a space for temporary exhibitions.
During its opening hours a professional Guide is available at the Centre to provide detailed and precise information.

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