St. Léger church

St. Léger church

The historic religious Abbé Henry dates its origins back to the first settlement of the Benedictines in Aosta Valley and includes it among the 43 parishes existing around 1800’s.

It appears for the first time in the documentation in a papal bull of Pope Eugenio III on April 1145, among the dependencies of the office of provost of Saint-Gilles of Verrès.

In 1424, it was ceded to the bishop of Aosta, in exchange for other properties. The current building was built in 1760-1762.

It has a single nave with a cross-shaped  vault adorned by luminous, rich decorative paintings carried out in the year 1856-1857 by the painter Grange as well as the characteristic trompe-l’oeil façade (at the centre is the martyrdom of Saint Léger, on the sides are Saints Joseph, Germain , Grato and Leonardo).  



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