Aymavilles Municipality

Aymavilles Municipality

Aymavilles is the latest  of the 74 municipalities in Aosta Valley Autonomous Region. With a surface of 53.41 Km², it stretches out over the right-hand side of the Dora Baltea river, from 694 m. a.s.l.  to 3968 m. a.s.l., on the Grivola, Aymavilles highest mountain. 

Its territory can be divided into four areas:

a) the “plain”, which is where most of the inhabitants live, and is covered by vines and orchards.

b) the terraces of Ozein and Turlin, once cultivated with cereals.

c) the narrow valley of Grand-Eyviaz, from the confluence of the Dora river to the boundaries of Cogne.

d) the area of the high mountain pastures.

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