Villeneuve Municipality

Villeneuve Municipality

The municipality of Villeneuve is located at 640 m. a.s.l., about ten km away from the town of Aosta, along the road that takes to Monte Bianco tunnel.

The findings of tombs and handiwork belonging to the Neolithic period give evidence of the strategic importance of this municipality since even before the date that has been certified as the beginning of human history in Aosta Valley.

As a passing point in the “Via delle Gallie”, going from Rome to the territories beyond the Alps, Villeneuve hosted, in Roman times, a temple for honouring emperor Augusto.

This temple was located in the present Châtel-Argent.

The  Counts of Savoia conceded a permission for the establishment of the municipality in 1273, and there’s proof of the existence of a hospital-hospice and of a court in medieval times.

Until the 19th century the centre was an important stopping place for travellers crossing the Alps. 

From 1993 the municipality of Villeneuve has undertaken a partnership with the French town of Aigueblanche, emphasizing the strong link existing between Aosta Valley and Savoy.

Nowadays Villeneuve holds a strong administrative role in the services field; the poliambulatorio comprensoriale and the Grand Paradis Mountain Community  have their headquarters in Villeneuve, as well as  M.I. Viglino middle school, where many students of the area study. Furthermore, the grounds of this school hold the municipal sports area which includes a football pitch, an athletics track and a climbing wall.

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