Parc Animalier

Parc Animalier

The Parc Animalier of Introd is a thematic park dedicated to the flora and fauna of Aosta Valley Alps is set in Villes Dessus, at about 900 m. a.s.l..

The visit of the park lasts about an hour through a footpath along which people can see the various plant and animal species in their natural habitat.

The Parc Animalier is an ideal place for families and schools, but also for flora and fauna lovers and for all those who wish to get a closer look on alpine habitat and to experience it for themselves, thanks to a comfortable route which winds its way through three acres and to interesting descriptions.

In the Parc Animalier, visitors can closely observe chamois and ibex in the wild, marmots, roe deers, deers, wild boars and hares.

Along the route some spaces have been  also set up to host birds of prey, such as snowy owls, tawny owls, barn owls and two small lakes where you can observe many species of fishes and crayfishes.

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