Web Gis

This section is dedicated to the WebGis, a system that elaborates treks for walks or bicycling in the territories of the Gran Paradiso National Park and Mont Avic natural Park. Thanks to the software Open Street Map, it proposes 544 km of itineraries in the municipalities of Cogne, Valsavarenche, Rhêmes-Notre-Dame  Aymavilles, Champdepraz, Champorcher, Rhêmes-Saint-Georges, Introd and Villeneuve.

The WebGis Giroparchi, realised through the software WebGIS GeoRouter, draws from the data of the Regional cadastre of trails, database created by the Trail Service of the Aosta Valley Autonomous Region.

On the interactive map, selecting a starting point, a finishing point and some intermediate points, the system provides the description of the itinerary, the distance length and time and it creates a map in the requested scale, including the attractions. It is then possible to print the map and the roadbook and to download the GPS tracks.

Click on the “Instructions and help” section of the map for more info or watch the tutorial.

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GPS tracks, maps and route descriptions may contain errors due to the devices used and to survey or mapping methods.
Path conditions may change significantly due to vegetation, snow conditions, hydrogeological instability, road works, etc.
Therefore GPS tracks, maps and road books should be considered as rough information, just as the information on a topographic map.
GPS tracks should be used cautiously, particularly in the case of poor visibility and bad weather.
Furthermore, routes could be inside private properties or include dangerous stretches due to traffic or areas where there is a danger of falling (unprotected canals, open stretches in the mountains, etc)
Fondation Grand Paradis recommends using the information contained in the tracks, maps and road book with the maximum caution and not to rely uncritically on GPS devices.
By continuing to surf this website, the user totally relieves Fondation Grand Paradis from any responsibility.