Comba pouyeuisa Chapel

Comba pouyeuisa is a small oratory placed upstream from the village of La Poya, next to the regional road to Cogne. […]

Introd parish Church

The first mention of the parish appears only in 1176, when Pope Alexander III laid the church of Introd under the patronage of the Bishop of Aosta in the papal bull of April 20th. […]

Prieur's Chapel

After the plague of 1629-1630, the inhabitants of Rhêmes-Saint-Georges took a vow of building a chapel to avert the contagion of 1630. […]

Rhêmes-Saint-Georges Church

The parish church of Rhêmes-Saint-Georges, dedicated to Saint George, patron of the village, has been built where it always was during the 18th century. […]

Saint Mary Church

It’s one of the most important religious buildings in Aosta Valley. The most ancient testimony of its existence is quoted into a document […]

Santa Colomba Chapel

Within the castle walls, Santa Colomba Chapel faces Aosta plane. It was probably built over the ruins belonging to  Roman times. […]

St. Léger church

The historic religious Abbé Henry dates its origins back to the first settlement of the Benedictines in Aosta Valley and includes it among the 43 parishes existing around 1800’s. […]

St. Martin church

The church of St Martin d’Aymavilles was not only included among the first 15 parishes of the Valley established around 1600 but is also cited along with the churches of St Germain […]


Cogne parish is dedicated to Sant’Orso, a clergyman from Aosta Valley who lived between the 7th and 8th centuries and who was renowned for his thaumaturgic powers. […]

Villeneuve parish church

It’s in 1782 that Villeneuve’s villagers asked the Bishop De Sales to build a new church in the village, as the old one was too far from the centre […]

Voix Chapel

The chapel in the village of Voix was built in 1781, at the will of the inhabitants of the hamlets of Voix and Cachoz. […]