Parks and nature

Paradisia Alpine Botanical Garden

Paradisia Alpine Garden, created in July 1955, is located 1,700 metres above sea-level in Valnontey, Cogne;  its name derives from Paradisia liliastrum, […]

Parc Animalier

The Parc Animalier of Introd is a thematic park dedicated to the flora and fauna of Aosta Valley Alps is set in Villes Dessus, at about 900 m. a.s.l. […]

Park’s Visitors Centre - Cogne

TutelAttiva Laboratorio Parco is the name given to the Park visitors centre in Cogne. There visitors can find out about what happens in the park, […]

Park’s Visitors Centre - Rhêmes-Notre-Dame

Gran Paradiso National Park Visitors Centre of Rhêmes-Notre-Dame tells an enthralling story: the Gypaëtus Barbatus (Bearded vulture),  […]

Park’s Visitors Centre - Valsavarenche

Gran Paradiso National Park Visitors Centre of Valsavarenche  presents different topics related to the life, survival, activity […]