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Giroparchi Nature Trail 2014: the travelogue

Giroparchi Nature Trail is a hiking tour in the Parks of Aosta Valley, targeted for local youths and aimed at increasing their knowledge of the protected areas as well as of the English language.

The initiative, launched in 2013, is designed for teenagers aged between 11 and 14: the aim is introducing them to the importance of the biodiversity of Italy's oldest National Park, Gran Paradiso, while teaching them the vocabulary and expressions to share it in English. The trek is guided by 3 professionals, all of them native English speakers: a nature guide, an English teacher and a teaching assistant. A range of games are proposed en route, to allow the kids to acquire linguistic competencies with an interactive learning method.

The 2013 edition, which took off in the Mont Avic regional Park and ended in the Gran Paradiso National Park, featured 14 kids, 3 refuges, 6 Alpine lakes, a total of 30 km of hiking among high altitude blossomings, forests and snowy mountain passes. The group, having left from Champorcher, reached Col Pontonnet at 2897 m - the watermark dividing the protected areas, enjoying the unusual sight of consistent snow patches, which provided an occasion for testing the snow shoes.

In 2014 the itinerary winded between Valsavarenche and Valle di Rhêmes, including stops at refuges Tétras Lyre, Città di Chivasso and Benevolo. Each day had a theme related to the 5 sense: how to perceive nature through sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. The figures: 41 kids, 4.000 elevation and more than 40 km of hiking, 8 Alpine lakes, against the spectacular backdrop of the Gran Paradiso National Park.

For the 2015 edition, the trip twisted and turned between the Vallone dell’ Urtier (Cogne) and the Vallone di Dondena (Champorcher), taking the kids to know and practise the four elements of Nature along with the English language: Earth, source of life for the plants and the animals of the Park; Water, in the form of streams, peat bogs and alpine lakes; Fire, creational force in the deep earth; Air, essential element around us. During the last day the core subject was discussed: Man as the completing part of a complex ecosystem, in connection with all the other elements. Along the network of the Giroparchi treks the four elements of Nature became familiar in everyday life, taking the kids in an unforgettable journey through knowledge.

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